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REVIEW: Hitman – Episode 4: Bangkok

As Agent 47 reaches beyond the half-mark of the announced 7 episodes, we can more accurately judge the general quality of this installment. From one episode to the next, we bore witness to refreshing moments amidst a few recycled elements. But something that we can definitely say for the fourth one is that it’s set in the most visually stunning location so far. The luxurious hotel in Bangkok in which Agent 47 had found himself this time will certainly hold your attention in the first minutes of gameplay, with its atmospheric twilight and gorgeous landscapes.


The target in this episode is a famous musician who’s been targeted by the family of his ex-girlfriend that hold’s him accountable for her murder. That’s where the hired Agent 47 enters the scene, to conduct his brutal yet silent brand of justice. Difficulty-wise, this might be the easiest mission so far, but when it comes to different possibilities, it might be the most diverse. Bangkok and its luxurious hotel feel the most similar to the Paris location, at least when it comes to gameplay design, but offers more secrets and demands more disguise management than the first episode. Here, you’ll juggle between different suits more often as you make your way through the hotel floors. Although it’s not necessary considering how easy the main target is, this episode provides a plethora of opportunities on how to complete the mission. You’re certainly going to try out many different ways to do it before finally letting go of your controller.


If we had to compare this episode with the previous ones, we could say that it’s about as interesting as Sapienza, but more similar to Paris or Marakesh levels, adding that the routes you can take are more complex and fun. This episode’s visual design is not only there to wins the player over, but also uses it to offer many fun gameplay solutions. It’s encouraging to see that these new Hitman episodes keep up with quality if the previous ones, and even surpass them at times.


There is no doubt that you can’t wait to play this episode if you’ve already played the first three. Bangkok offers even more opportunities and reasons to keep playing this high-quality, episodic, edition of the legendary assassin. Although you might encounter a few technical oversights, it will be evident that this Hitman promises even better episodes to come. We certainly can’t wait to see what the next episode brings, and until then… If you can’t beat the musician, join him. As Agent 47, legendary rhythm-master of drums. No, but seriously, don’t miss the opportunity to sit behind the drum set and raise the roof on Thailand. Now that’s innovation!


Author: Milan Živković

Hitman - Episode 4: Bangkok



  • Probably the best looking episode so far
  • More opportunities than before


  • Weak story motivation
  • Might be a bit too easy

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