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PLAY! Zine #98 – October 2016

Hello everyone,

Last month hit us with a flurry of RPG titles, coming in all shapes and sizes and designed for every flavor. We’ve returned to Azeroth for the seventh time, this time on a quest to repel the Legion from our world and gain even more power for our characters. Of course, we’re talking about the newest expansion for World of Warcraft, also called Legion, that’s been bringing back MMO veterans for another tour of duty. In the sci-fi world, Deus Ex saw the continuation of its story with Mankind Divided, which explores strife and divisions between regular humans and augmented people. Also God Eater 2 spins a more action-oriented take on the genre, challenging both old and new players to try it out.

The king of the basketball courts got its yearly revision in 2K’s new NBA game bearing the 2k17 mark and offering hundreds of hours of gameplay across multiple different modes.

Not to be dismayed, indie-studios fought back in force with a huge variety to choose from. From pixelated games such as RunGunJumpGun and Mother Russia Bleeds, to poly titles like Grow Up and Clustertruck, and many others, there’s a lot to chose from. And you can trust our diligent reviewers to guide you on how successful or not all of these titles are.

Do they measure up to expectations? Are any of them breakout hits? Are we prepared or was Illidan right when he said that we weren’t? Read on and find out…


PLAY! Zine #98 – October 2016



World of Warcraft: Legion
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Cossacks 3
NBA 2k17
Bioshock: Collection
God Eater 2
Mother Russia Bleeds
Grow Up


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