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Diablo 1 Anniversary Patch: Blizzard of The ‘North’

If you are an avid Diablo 3 player then you damn-well know that Blizzard has released the Diablo 3 content patch 2.4.3, which introduces a wide variety of changes that improve…
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5 Biggest Mistakes Video Game Publishers Keep Making

Video game publishing and distribution is one of the most lucrative businesses today. There are multi-million dollar video game projects that require more work, greater production value and a larger workforce…
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INTERVIEW: Life of Boris

This month we had an honor to talk with Boris. Boris warned us that he gets rather chatty during interviews which is all fine with us. An hour and a half…
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INTERVIEW: SuperButterBuns

We often hear about famous YouTubers like PewDiePie and Markiplier with their huge viewer numbers and the number of views of their videos. Their secret is that they’re entertaining to a…
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INTERVIEW: Battlerite

Sweden-based Stunlock Studios is developing a new arena-based PVP game, Battlerite, set in the same world as their first game Bloodline Champions. We sat down to chat with Johan Ilves and…
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INTERVIEW: Failbetter Games

The excellent rogue-like game, Sunless Sea, is getting a big expansion later this year, called Zubmariner, so we jumped at the opportunity to chat with Hannah Flynn from Failbetter Games studio…
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INTERVIEW: Edward Baily, HyperX

Can you give us an overview about Kingston and HyperX? Kingston Technology has had another very strong year, with unit growth across all product lines. Back in 2002 Kingston launched the…
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INTERVIEW: Lucky Mask Games – Snipe Show

With the smart phones rising in popularity over the last few years we’re witnessing a development boom of apps and games for these devices, and the mobile app market became incredibly…
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INTERVIEW: Mrs. Shirley Curry

We often hear that video games are meant for children and the young. We often hear that there’s nothing to learn from video games, that they’re a waste of time, that…
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warhorse studios

INTERVIEW: Warhorse Studios

We had an opportunity to have a chat with the guys from the Czech developer, Warhorse Studios. We talked about their founding, their ideas, their approach to game development, and their…
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