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Telltale soon to release The Walking Dead: Michonne

We have to disappoint you from the onset – this isn’t the 3rd season of their episodic TWD series, but its first spin-off. But still in that distinct TellTale style.

The Walking Dead: Michonne will be a three-episode mini-series based on the comic book series, as was the case with Seasons 1 and 2. Its timeframe fits between episodes 126 and 139 and follows the story of Michonne who in the comic books mysteriously disappeared at that time. The first episode named “In too deep” shows the titular heroine on the ship “The Companion”. Of course, something goes awry when the ship receives a distress signal from the Monroe colony.

This game series starts on February 23. and will continue in March with the episode “Give no shelter”, followed by the final episode “What we deserve” to be released in April. Given the shorter format compared to the previous games, the pricing will be adjusted as well and the trilogy will cost only 15€. TellTale Games has announced that they will show the first 5 minutes of the game on their YouTube channel prior to its release.

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