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DOOM release date was revealed

Is there a gamer who’s never heard of Doom? This two-decade old game has inspired a number of FPS titles and has remained a cult symbol beyond the gaming world. Doom had several sequels, brutal mods, and this year will get a new chapter.

The fourth game in the series is simply called Doom, sorry, DOOM, and is one of the most anticipated sequels to a gaming series. It even found its way into our top 15 anticipated games of 2016. The game won’t be released in June, as was expected, but in May – on Friday 13th, of course. This was announced in latest brutal game trailer which you can check out below.

New DOOM will be simultaneously released for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The publisher has started the pre-order, and those who choose to do so will receive an in-game gift of several multiplayer costumes. The Collector’s edition is also available, which contains a figurine of one of the demons, and which will cost you a “measly” 150€.


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