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Razer Showcase – Gamescom 2015

Razer has been on the forefront of innovation for some time now, be that in the field of gaming hardware, software solutions, ultra-fast laptops, and even fitness wristbands.

The main products that Razer wanted to showcase to their GamesCom audience were those from their Chroma series. Firstly, there’s the new Razer Mamba, a mouse that comes in both wired and wireless versions. Its neutral looks is something that you would expect many other types of mice to look like, be they from them or other manufacturers, which is a good thing. What’s specific about it is that it can change its color schemes and has their famed 16 million color combinations that you can program by yourself.

Razer 1

The wired version is fairly light, but according to people from Razer, is very robust, while the wireless version is slightly heavier, mostly due to the battery that’s in it. While it can charge through a cable, which would also make it wired, the Mamba can also be charged on a special dock that can also change colors. Another difference wireless Mamba has compared to its wired counterpart and many other mice, is the ability to set the spring resistance of both left and right buttons to one of 16 positions. Therefore, the clicks can be very light, which is good for MOBA games for example, where you need to cast a huge amount of spells in a short period of time, all the way to very resistant, which helps for example if you’re using a sniper where every bullet counts and you want to avoid firing accidentally.

Both mice possess 16.000 DPI, which is a market record, but that’s not of great importance today, because in a few years when 4k monitors become standard, this too would become mundane. It should also be noted that the wireless model can work for 20 hours straight without recharging and with all colors blazing, and that the mice can be raised from the surface and put back where it started without it registering it as movement if it was for only 0,1 millimeter. The price will be 100€ for the “Tournament Edition”, i.e. wired version, and 180€ for wireless.

Razer 2

Deathstalker Chroma is a 120€ chiclet keyboard with shallow keycaps that allows silent work while at the office, or streaming and recording YouTube videos. It’s keycaps are very soft and shallow which is reminiscent of laptop keyboards, namely MacBook. The heyboard itself is fairly slim and light, which makes it somewhat unusual in its class. Unlike, for example, the Black Widow keyboard which can set the color of each key individually, the Deathstalker has three predefined zones of keys whose colors can be individually changed. The keyboard has an anti-ghosting capability for up to 10 simultaneous key presses.

Of course, both this keyboard, as well as mice and mouse pad can be synced with other Chroma devices when it comes to their color and illumination, so you can have a unique gaming experience in your home.

Razer 3

For a price of 75€, you can buy the new Razer Firefly game pad that’s also a part of the Chroma lineup, because it features color illumination on its bottom part. That means that it has a USB power port, and that it’s solid, i.e made of plastic. Its surface is raised from the desk, so it remains to be seen how interesting it would be to gamers, or will it simply remain a product that Razer can claim that they thought of first.

Razer 4

And finally, a very specific device was showcased at GamesCom – Orbweaver, a mechanical keypad that’s an excellent accessory for MOBA and MMO players and those that need extra keys and the ability to fully bind, program and macro them all. The device is already available for the price of 150€, and with 30 mechanical keys it comes with three more that are thumb-controlled, and a braided cable for a longer lifespan.

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